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What is Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy filed in the United States.  In 2014 there were 14,548 Chapter 7 cases filed in the State of Maryland. 14,548 individuals had the opportunity to eliminate their dischargeable debts, protect their property and achieve a fresh start in their financial life by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is commonly known as “straight” bankruptcy or “liquidation” bankruptcy.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation proceeding in which a person’s non-exempt assets, if any, are sold by the bankruptcy trustee, the case administrator, and the proceeds distributed to the person’s creditors.

Most individuals who file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case don’t have any non-exempt assets and therefore there is nothing for the trustee to sell and distribute to creditors. Most individuals are able to discharge their debts and protect their property.

Filing a Chapter  Bankruptcy case imposes an automatic stay that immediately stops creditor collection activity. Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case could allow you to:

  • Protect your home, vehicles, bank and retirement accoutns
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce your debts
  • Stop harassing creditors calls and letters
  • Stop  foreclosure
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Eliminate Credit Card debt
  • Stop vehicle repossession
  • Stop collection on a judgment
  • Activate a suspended drivers license
  • Unfreeze a bank account or other assets
  • Eliminate Tax debt
  • Eliminate HOA fees

Please see this video by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court: 


obtain a Bankruptcy Consultation by an experienced lawyer before your file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney could help you file for bankruptcy and protect your assets.

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